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Our Published Books


Salvaged, A compilation of poetry written in joy, sorrow, and retrospect. The poems are inspired by travels, lakes, and a hope for a sunnier tomorrow.


ALATASH, fiction novel that follows the life of the young African Alicia Anderson and the struggles she had to overcome to achieve happiness.

Just Wondering About It All

Poetry: A poetry and prose book talking about everyday insights and the internal conflict between the mind and the heart, your emotions, and your ideas.


Short Story: Chloe is a young girl trying to understand life. Explore the story as it unfolds in a series of characters and situations till the day she is free.

A Journey Within

Poetry/ Short stories: A Journey Within takes you on a powerful and stirring journey through life.

Just Read It

Business / Self Help: Just Read It is a day to day guide on self-development and touches upon the topics of emotional and social intelligence.


Children book: Alayah is a story about a girl who is born with sand in her hair.
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