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For any book to be published, the author needs to complete the following:

  1. Write the full manuscript
  2. Edit the whole manuscript a few times from their side.
  3. Edit the manuscript through a professional service.
  4. Design a book-cover.
  5. And finally, for it to be digitally published, the manuscript needs to be converted to the ebook formats:
    • mobi/k8 for Amazon’s Kindle
    • ePub for iBooks, Kobo and the rest of digital platforms.
    • PDF in a particular format for the print option on Amazon

However, we know that authors often need help in some of the above, especially in items 3-5.

And so we would like to provide the below services:


We offer editing services for your manuscript to ensure your book is well perceived by your readers. Editing is often divided to plot editing, line editing, and proof-editing. The cost involved will depend on the level of editing required in each stage, and the number of words in the manuscript. We deal with a network of professional freelance editors.

However, before you contact us for editing, we recommend the below:

  • Read your manuscript over and over again to find all the possible mistakes and restructures that should be spotted at your side. This allows the professional editors at the later stages to spot the bigger concerns about your manuscript and not have those minor issues blocking their way and you wasting your editing budget.
  • Once you are done with reviewing the manuscript and proofreading it few times from your side, now pass it to a couple of your trusted friends or family who can give you good editing feedback.

Book Cover Design

We have a team of professional designers. If you would like to use our design services, once you submit your manuscript and brief, you can provide a guideline if you have a certain design in mind, or else the designers will communicate with you a few design concepts till you agree on one of them and the design will be created accordingly. The cost of the design will depend on the artwork style you require for your book among the options we’ll provide.

Manuscript File Conversion

  • Authors often write their manuscripts in a word document. Which isn’t the format that can be read on digital platforms.
  • We convert your word document, or In Design files to the compatible formats with all major eBook retailers including: Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, Storytel, Google, Ingram and many more. Our service is fast, professional and friendly.
  • This process takes 2 – 4 weeks, depending on how many changes are requested in your review. The more you know what you want your book to look like, the faster the process will be.
  • The pricing for this service will depend on the number of pages in your book.

How To Prepare Your Manuscript

To ensure your book is converted as you wish to see it as a final book, you must prepare your manuscript file ahead of sending it to us. To learn the different formatting changes that you need to implement, click here.

Where Will Your Book Be Published

  • We distribute the book to a comprehensive worldwide eBook & print distribution network. This currently includes:
      • Digital:
        • Amazon Kindle
        • Apple iBooks
        • Kobo
        • Scribd
        • StoryTel
        • Barnes & Noble nook
        • Google
        • eSentral
        • Bookmate
        • Ingram
      • Print:
        • Amazon
        • Barnes & Noble
        • Book Depository
        • Jamalon

Note: If the book has many illustrations and designs, this would be called a fixed layout book. Some of the digital platforms mentioned above don’t publish those formats.

Overall cost

The overall cost of books often averages between AED2,500 to AED 5,000, and that depends on the editing efforts required, the word count, the page count, and the cover design.

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