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By The Masses

By The Masses

By The Masses( is an extension of Sail eMagazine. Sail is an online monthly magazine, by Emarati writers and illustrators; it publishes articles about community, culture, and creativity; whereas By The Masses is open for all nationalities and all genres of writing.

The extension was a natural progression as Sail has proved itself in the reading community, and established a status that many wanted to be part of, but with it being exclusive for Emaratis, contributing to it is periodically expected, and for particular writing level, we couldn’t welcome on board many more people, and so, By The Masses was born.

By The Masses publishes new articles as and when received, but they will not go through the same editorial process Sail goes through, instead, articles will be published as is, and no commitment to be a regular columnist is enforced. By that, we encourage more and more aspiring writers to publish their thoughts and writings onto By The Masses to be read by the many eager readers.

The door is also opened for illustrators and graphic designers, they can go on the website, read what they like, and if they felt inspired to illustrate an article, let us know by email to confirm no one is already on it, and then you can go ahead and illustrate it and it will be added to the article accrediting your work with it.

Check the guidelines on Be Part Of It to know how to join.

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