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  • Authors: Written by Alia Al Shamsi (Instagram: @aliaalshamsi), illustrated by Hedaya Al Rahma (Instgarm: @hudhuds)
  • Genre: Children book
  • Published on: 02.12.2014

Alayah is a story about a girl who is born with sand in her hair. The sand is a metaphor to her roots and where she grew up. At first Alayah is bothered by the sand in her hair and washes it and washes it without avail. She soon discovers she doesn’t really mind it, after all she does love the shores she is from. The story is about growing up and accepting oneself and being comfortable with whom they are and it is equally a story of the changing times. In the end, “Alayah always knew that no matter where she was the sand in her hair was her home and forever with her.”‬

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