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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does publishing my book digitally really mean?

Publishing the book digitally with us means publishing the ebook on the following platforms:

  • iBooks, which is the Apple ebooks platform and can be accessed from iTunes as well.
  • Kindle, which is the ebook platform from Amazon, it’s available as a device called kindle, and kindle app on Apple (iOS & OSx) and Android devices.
  • Kobo, it’s an ebook device and also available as an app on Apple (iOS) and Android devices.
  • nook, it’s the ebook platform from Barnes & Noble. It’s available as a device called nook, and nook app on Apple (iOS) and Android devices.
  • Google Play, the google ebooks platform, available as an app on android devices.
  • eSentral
  • Waterstones
  • Angus & Robertson
  • BAM! (Books A Million)
  • Bookmate
  • Scribd
  • StoryTel
  • Ingram

I can't find the books on iBooks or Kindle.

If you or your friends can’t find any of our published books on either of iBooks (Apple’s iTunes) or Kindle (Amazon), make sure you check the following options:

  • Search by exact book title as mentioned on our pages.
  • Search by exact author name as mentioned on our pages, sometimes searching by book name doesn’t help cause of many other books with same name.
  • Make sure the address on your iTunes or Amazon is either a UK or US address. Currently iBooks and kindle books are not open to the UAE and MENA addresses. If you don’t have a UK or US addresses, email us on info@SailEMagazine so we can guide you.
    • Ideally, use a US address for Apple, and a UK address for Amazon.

Can I publish digitally with Sail and still publish in print with another publisher?

Yes, you can. There are two cases in this scenario:

You’ve already published in print and now you’d like to publish it digitally with us. In this case, we just need to get a waiver from the print publisher that they waive off the digital rights of the book to Sail Publishing. Once that is received, we can go ahead with it.

If you’ve published digitally with us and would like to publish in print with another publisher, you can also still do that. Just notify us before hand so we waive off to the new publisher the print rights and any other rights they request for.

We like to support our authors in every way possible.

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