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Our Services

We provide many services to help you get your book published on digital platforms, such as:

Editing guidelines, designing front cover, converting your book to ebook formats, and distributing your book to a large network of digital platforms.

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Digital Distribution

We publish your book on the main platforms that every digital reader is on, such as:

Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble nook, Kobo, Google, and many more.

Prepare Your Manuscript

The first step in turning your publication into an eBook is to decide which eBook format is most appropriate for your project. There are two main types of eBook – standard/reflowable formats and fixed-layout formats, and it is important to understand both before deciding which format you would like for your book.

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Get Published With Us

You’ve completed your manuscript and would like to get it published with us?

We made it all so easy for you, in few small steps and you’ll get your precious manuscript published digitally for the world to see. Click below to read the full steps.

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Books Published By Us

Our Magazines

Sail Magazine

Emirati Voices in English Words.

By The Masses

For all genres of writing.